About Gkinicks

Gkinicks is a song writer and a gospel singer who plays many  musical instruments. He also has a record of teaching music to youth. After he lost his father in 2010, friends who came for condolence visit could not console him as he found solace in Music. Only then he realized and concluded that music has the capacity to heal a broken heart. Gkinicks then decided to use his music to inspire and heal people who are heart broken. ”Hosanna in the highest” is the hit track on his debut album titled “Promoting Jesus “

The name of Gkinicks was born already in 90’s when a young business man wanted to have his own label in clothing market. Since then he has been carrying the name Gkinicks even though he started doing other things. In 2016 when Gkinicks started more actively writing Christian songs he was reminded him of the name Gkinicks he started his life with. This is a good name to promote Jesus which is the main reason why Gkinicks is here.

In Nigeria

Gkinicks was born in Aba Abia state. This hometown is so important to him that he wanted to come and do his first album exactly in Aba. Aba has brought so many good things in his life. He want to established his Gkinicks record company in here to promote other Christian artists.

In Finland

Gkinicks is located in Helsinki with his wife and three children. He has been a choir leader in church for many years and is also the praise leader of Finland international Christian association (FICA). Future plans are to promote Gospel music in Finland by bringing foreign artist to Finland and collaborate with other finnish gospel artist to promote Jesus.

Latest Album

Promoting Jesus

First album “Promoting Jesus” made 2018 to glorify His name.

01. Hosanna in the highest

02. I believe in you

03. My Righteousness

04. Emmanuel Loves me

05. Celebration Time

06. No One

07. Holy is Your name

08. Jesus You are the One

09. You are the One I see

10. God is Good

11. All the Glory

12. I will Follow


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