Around five yours ago something big happened in my life that affected me a lot. My parents divorced. Our family didn’t go that actively in any church those days, but then one day something wonderful happened. After Sunday service Gkinicks just told me to join church choir and I really didn’t take it seriously that much.

I was just laughing. But I was surprised when next Saturday Gkinicks came to pic me up from my house to the choir practice. I didn’t know this is how God works in people lives. I was a bit lost and now God started calling me through someone.

I joined church choir and we started worshipping. Gkinicks was leading us and teaching many things in choir. Through Gkinicks I learned that you can connect to God with singing and that can be a healing power. I grow as a believer a lot in those three year. Gkinicks also took us youths to see other churches and later on we were able to arrange our own Christian youth event in Finland Helsinki. I thank Gkinicks from his support and time he has given me. I thank God that he told me that one Sunday to join choir. Now I have a lot more stronger relationship with God and worshiping.